Whatever the purpose of a text, whatever the information you wish to convey, whatever your audience, good writing wants the text to be enjoyable to read. I can deliver texts targeted for specific audiences and deliverables:

  • Technical texts (IT wikis, instructions and manuals, how-to guides, forum and support guidelines…)
  • Education materials (remote training materials, interactive iBooks, eBooks, books for the press)
  • Business texts (complex reports, summaries, brochures, website content, WordPress websites and multi-sites)
  • Press materials (press releases and communications, featured articles for the press, blog posts, interviews, news reports)
  • Grants (grant writing and documentation for charities, schools and institutions)

Whenever possible, I apply single-sourcing principles (Darwing/DITA guidelines) to organise information, structure it and re-use it in different formats and for different deliverables. This makes it easier for the company to communicate effectively and to better use the existing resources.