Spring seems finally to be gracing Northern Ireland with some days of sun and clear skies. The locals are showing off their summer outfits, even if it’s still 13 degrees, and the eagerness to be outside in the fresh air is like a magnet for us too.

Even if we were still aching from yesterday’s climb at Slemish mountain, this morning we decided to go out again for an easy and relaxing walk. On our way to Newtownards, we stopped at Kiltonga Wildlife Reserve, which includes a plain path running along the perimeter of the water, plus a delightful garden full of daffodils and wild flowers, with a view of the Scrabo tower as a background.

This a very pleasant place to observe birds, flowers and squirrels. We enjoyed every bit of it.

Once home, we had a quick lunch and then decide to go out again and enjoy some more sun at the Waterworks close to home.

To see the first flowers blooming and the trees covered in tender leaves was a real joy for the eyes and the heart. At the end of the day, we have walked 8 km, and it feels incredibly good.

Hopefully, there will be more and more weekends like this!


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