After one month of forced retreat at home – forced by storms, cold, and miserable weather conditions – today we took advantage of a pale sun in the sky and decided to go out walking again. We decided to go to County Armagh, at the Clare Glen park. This is a 55-acre rural retreat set around the scenic Cusher River, about 1.5 miles from Tandragee.

This place has the reputation of being one of the hidden gems of Northern Ireland, and not by chance: first, because to get there, our sat nav took us through some adventurous routes, and second, because it is truly a beautiful and enjoyable forest.

The parking is well signalled, and, from there starts the path. We chose to walk the green path first – following the lower path along the river – and then we came back via the upper yellow path on the opposite side of the river. The walk was short – about 4 miles – and very pleasant: in spite of the miserable rain fallen during the last month, the path was walkable and not too mucky.

While driving back, we stopped for a quick car wash and, once home, time to relax with a a hot tea and chocolaty treats.

What a better day to spend a day off?

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