When we thought we had seen all of the best places in Northern Ireland, today we found a hidden village on the northern coastal route that gifted us with jaw-dropping views. Carnlough is a small fishing village in county Antrim, about 50 minutes drive from Belfast.

This morning, we left early and headed North, with destination Cranny Falls. This place is quoted in some local hiking guides and it has excellent reviews. Therefore, we decided to go and see it.

Today looked the perfect day for a short hike: it was cold and sunny. However, shortly after taking the M2, we noticed a coat of clouds coming down from the mountains. We soon found ourselves driving in think fog. We drove for about an hour with scarce visibility. Eventually, as we approached the coast again, the fog quickly disappeared and we were left with the gorgeous view of Carnlough’s picturesque harbour. We parked the car at the marina and we followed the sign to Cranny Fall’s path.

The path is a linear two miles walk and it’s all worth the effort. It follows an old mine railway up to the mountains, and eventually leads to a canyon that ends with the waterfall. Coming back, we also walked the Circular path, a trail that leads uphill, close to the mountain cliffs and to a cave. From there, we had a better view over the coast and the surrounding mountains, and we spotted the fog flowing down from the mountains and to the sea in a thin silvery layer.

Back at the harbour, we had a better view of this mesmerising phenomenon. Before heading back home, we stopped for coffee and scones at the Harbour Lights Café. There’s not much for vegetarians… however, the scones were fresh and delicious, coffee was good and the view over the harbour made it all even more pleasant.

Going back, we decided to follow the coastal route up to Larne, and then to take the A8 from there. It was an excellent idea. The coastal route offers a pleasant panorama and it almost seems you’re driving on water.

Unfortunately, as we left Larne and took the A8, we found ourselves driving in thick fog again. It was like someone switched the light button off and we were in a different country. Once we approached the coast again, close to Belfast, it all disappeared again.

We spent a wonderful day in Carnlough. This is another one of those places off the map that you should try to visit.

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