If you’re looking for a place to stroll and where you can enjoy a fantastic view on Belfast Lough, Hazelbank Park is the right place to be. This coastal park is in Newtownabbey, North of Belfast, just off the M5. You can simply park the park and start walking: if you head South, you can actually reach Belfast by walking along the waterfront (it’s about 5 miles), or, if you head North you can go to Carrickfergus.

From our new home, Hazelbank Park is just a 5 minutes drive. This morning, as we saw a shy sun coming out, we decided to give it a try for an easy walk at the sea. It turned out to be a very pleasant place, with fantastic views over the sea and as far as the H&W cranes at the docks. For our walk we headed North, walking towards Carrickfergus, and we continued up to Jordanstown Loughshore Park. This is a perfect path to relax, have some movement, and enjoy some fresh air. You can almost feel like you’re on vacation in a hot place…

That’s one of Ireland’s catches: you might keep complaining about the weather, but when the sun is out, you’re swallowed by its beauty and you forget about the gray skies and the miserable winds. It’s impossible not to love it.

Once in Jordanstown, we obeyed our bellies and walked back to the car park: our 5-km walk ended with a bowl of pasta. It was definitively a good way to start the week-end!


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