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Mourne coastal route: from Annalong to Newcastle

After leaving Silent Valley, we drove downhill and we reconnected to the A2 – Mourne Coastal Route. Instead of heading straight back to Belfast, we decided to stop along the way to see some of the points of interest along the way. This area is particularly rich of beautiful spots and seaside walks. Ina windy and cold day like today, the view of the sea and its waves was particularly fascinating.


Our first stop was at Annalong. We spotted a clearing close to the water, and we stopped the car attracted by the waves.

The power of the waves was incredible and we lingered there to watch their show in spite of the biting cold. Here are some short videos we recorded there…

Bloody Bridge

Heading north, approximately three miles south of Newcastle on the Kilkeel road, we came across another interesting spot, called Bloody Bridge. There are many stories regarding the incident from which the bridge derives its present name. Many have been handed down through generations, and the stories are widely varied. Writer Robert Lloyd Praegar tells in one of his books that the gruesome name comes from the massacre of a number of protestants of Newry, including their minister, in 1641. Most of the historical accounts of the incident that took place in 1641 have been also recorded in a  book by Harris in 1774, based on hearsay. According to his story, this was the place where the protestants were barbarously cut, slashed, hacked and hanged – hence the name `Bloody Bridge’. In spite of the name, starting from the parking lot you can walk two paths – the short high path – and a longer cliff path. We stopped just for a few minutes, enough to see that there’s much more to explore.


Finally, we stopped at Newcastle, attracted again by the view of very high waves at the waterfront.

Here you can see the waves we saw…

At that point it was past 2PM and we were starving. We thought to find a place were to grab a quick snack along the coast, but in the end we decided to tough it and go straight home to prepare pizzoccheri.


It was the end of a very pleasant day out in the nature… As a proof that you can enjoy Ireland even in a cold day like this!

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