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The Halloween Chronicles – 2016

Our Halloween this year has started a bit earlier. Jeff bought the pumpkins some days ago, but we found the time to carve them only last Friday. I think we did a very nice job…


Friday was also time for costume shopping: Elisabetta, a colleague of mine, invited us to her Halloween Party at her place – that happens to be very close to our place – and we gladly accepted. We didn’t want to dress with scary costumes: the original idea of Bernadette and Howard from the Big Bang theory shifted to Velma and Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Unfortunately, time and budget didn’t play in our favour in our search, so we ended up doing our best to look at least Seventy-sh…

Saturday, as soon as I got back from work, I found a surprise: Amazon delivered our Montréal Canadian tuques! We totally love them! Ain’t we cute?

I liked mine so much  that I baked a focaccia wearing it and I only took it off when it was time to get changed for the party. We underwent a little bit of transformation and here’s how we got from dark to blonds!

Finally, we walked to Elisabetta’s place. We spent a lovely evening, with Jeff all excited to be in a “real” Italian party with Giuseppes and Guidos…

Thanks a lot to the lovely hosts of the party, Elisabetta and Claudio, and to the super-cool guests with whom we shared laughs, chats and good food!

Best Halloween ever… and it’s not even Halloween yet!

Ps. No… Not going to be blonde in real life. 🙂



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3 thoughts on “The Halloween Chronicles – 2016

  • Sam Sussman

    Although rooted in the Druids and pagan in nature -due to its popularity the Roman Catholic Church incorporated it in alll saints day!!:)
    You both look beautiful
    Jeff I will call you at 8-830 your time today

  • Sam Sussman

    I am rather neutral because on this holiday which is pagan and really has little to do with Christianity it is benign
    when it comes to Jews. Contrast this to Easter when in many countries it was a day to massacre Jews because the Romans killed Jesus a Jew!
    Hilarious and psychotic!

  • Hi Sam, it’s good to hear from you! 🙂 I hope all is well with you and Mina… Halloween is just a cute celebration – the commercial version of pagan Samhain. I like the concept of Samhain of being closer to our loved ones that are no longer on this earth. The way Halloween is celebrated, instead, is a sort of carnival. Still fun… It’s nice to get together with people and socialise a bit. In Italy you can see Catholics preaching that Halloween is a celebration of the devil and the usual rantings of superstitious and uneducated people…

    Jeff has been trying to call you… 🙂

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