Killyleigh is a small town on the shores of the Strangford Lough, just a few km away from Downpatrick. While this might seem a meaningless spot on the map, it is indeed charming and well worth a stop if you’re visiting the area. Its coloured houses overlooking the lough are cute and uplifting. All in this small town is well proportioned and balanced: the castle, the harbour with its waterfront, its well kept houses with ample backyards and gardens, its bars and restaurants… everything seems to be designed for life in the open air – such a rare thing in Ireland.

Jeff and I stopped here by chance this morning, taking a wrong turn while coming back from Delamont Country Park. While passing by the town centre, we were struck by its cuteness and so we decided to make a detour and have a walk at the waterfront. It turned out to be a wonderful idea…

We truly enjoyed a small walk in the sun. When we took the car again to drive back home, we also realised that the surrounding areas are enchanting. The road back to Belfast led us through rolling hills and our drive home looked like a ride on the roller coaster: if you are touring Ireland by motorbike, make sure you head to Balloo and take Saintfield road: it will be fun, I promise.

Once home, we finally got comfortable and treated ourselves with a cup of warm squash and ginger soup.

What can one want from a Saturday? Shopping, of course… But this is another story.

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