This morning the sun was shining and it looked so beautiful that we decided not to take the car and just go out for a walk at Ormeau Park. As we approached the gates of the park, we saw a long line of people running. They were so many that we couldn’t even cross the road to get to the other side. A police woman kindly gave us some advice. We followed the stream of runners and entered Ormeau Park, where we saw what was going on: we were just in the middle of the half marathon within the Belfast City Marathon event. The full marathon will be held on May 1st 2017, instead.

The view was colourful and cheerful. Runners were of all ages and sizes, and yet… they run fast!

We tried to go around the stream and to exit the park from the opposite side, and we eventually got to the riverside walk. From there, we could walk back home through a path we never walked before and discovered some new corners of the town.

Unfortunately the runners won’t have a great day: the day started with a wonderful sun, and yet clouds gathered really fast. Soon after we were back home, it started pouring down pretty badly. However, it was a surprise to see how many participants there were.

Maybe one day we’ll be among them as well… 🙂

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