What I love most of Northern Ireland is that, even in a day of miserable day like today, you can still go out, have a walk, and have the chance to see places of incredible beauty. This morning we left home in the rain and headed to Glenoe Waterfall, just a few miles South of Larne. From Belfast, it’s just a 30 minutes drive. From the Causeway Coastal Route, you detour up to the hills until Glenoe Village. The waterfall is well signalled and the road leads to parking – a clearing in the woods. The path leading to the waterfall is short and truly enchanting: a series of steps goes up and down the sides of the waterfall, allowing a complete view over it.

Even in the rain, the trees provided a good shelter and we could admire the place in all of its beauty, with the vivid colours that you can only see in a rainy day. Jeff also had fun with our huge orange umbrella, as if he was in a movie.

The only downside of this place? It’s a pity that this lovely path is so short. If you’re on your way to Carrickfergus or Larne, it is definitively worth a detour.

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