From the Giant’s Causeway Centre, a coastal path leads on top of the cliffs, offering awesome views over the sea and the surroundings. In a series of ups and downs, it leads to a huge villa overlooking the bay. Its only access is via boat. A few meters away, a long, semi-deserted beach stretches until Portballintrae village. Its white sand sinking into the deep blue of the sea was a safe shelter from the crowds at the Giant’s Causeway.

The walk was really pleasant and, in the end, we sat on the sand to enjoy the sun and the breeze. I also took off my shoes and socks and dipped my feet into the icy cold waters of the Northern Sea. It was a real blessing for my flushed feet. I let them dry in the sand and, finally, we got back the same way we came. On our way back, we noticed a puddle shaped as a heart… simply perfect!

As we reached the car, we were incredibly thirsty. We stopped at Portballintrae, where we found two old-fashioned popsicles – they reminded me of Calippo, a brand that was very popular in Italy in the 80s. We ate them in the car while driving back… it felt so good!

Once home, we had a final surprise: our faces were as red ad Elmo’s. We are sunburnt… but it does feel good. I had almost forgotten what summer looks like!


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