Belvoir forest walk

This morning, while the sun was out, we decided to go out for the walk we missed yesterday. However, we changed our destination. This time, we went to Belvoir Forest, one of the green lungs of Belfast. The forest covers 75 hectares along the south bank of the River Lagan and several trails run along and across the area in circular paths.

We followed the red trail, which is only a couple of miles long.

The red trail winds around the golf club fields – a common thing in Ireland – and it would be a lovely place if it wasn’t for human intervention. Many spots are completely barren, the trees cut and left on the ground. Also, we walked through a forest of dead trees that must have been a lovely place before they died. It was quite creepy.

In general, I found the place sad. The entire forest looks like is not cared for, spoiled of its trees and untidy. It doesn’t have the natural beauty you would expect.

We enjoyed our walk, but that’s not a place I would like to go back to. Nature is beautiful and such beauty is precious. The hand of man, here, left its mark… and it looks wrong.


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