A vegan Indian dinner at Archana’s

Yesterday evening we received good news in the mail. A special occasion to celebrate with a dinner out, even if we were tired from a busy week at work and lots of things going on – so much that, just some hours earlier, we had decided to call out from the traditional Passover seder. Instead, at the last minute, we ignored the bags under our eyes and booked our dinner out.

I had been craving for Indian food for some weeks, but it’s not very easy to find Indian restaurants that offer a decent vegetarian selection in Belfast. Yesterday, I came across Archana’s website, and I found that they have a full vegan menu. What a surprise! We booked the table, called a taxi and headed to the city center.

Archana is a small restaurant in Dublin Road, a very busy area on Friday nights. The restaurant has a few tables at the ground floor and some more upstairs, a quiet family style restaurants with a traditional flare. In spite of the modest style, food is truly enjoyable.

At the end of the dinner, we had a pleasant chat with the owner of the restaurant, a vegetarian himself. He had been to Montreal recently, and he showed us the pictures. He also told us the restaurant’s story – Archana being the name of his daughter. The place has been in business since the 80s and throughout the Belfast troubles was blown up different times. It was nice from him to share his memories about those difficult times and his hurdles to get back to his feet. We also talked about my family name – Gauri being one of the names of god Shiva’s wife – and about the Indian traditions linked to the goddess.

We left early, completely exhausted by the week, but I believe we’ll go back to Archana’s, sooner than later. If you’re looking for some good vegan food, Indian style, that’s definitely worth a try!

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