Stone-baked pizza at Prezzo’s

Speaking of food, the only thing I really miss of Italy is a decent stone-baked pizza. Thin crust. It’s extremely difficult to find good Italian restaurants abroad, so I sort of put my expectations down… long ago.

Today, Jeff and I went to the city center for some special shopping (see next post!) at Victoria Square Shopping Center and – while looking for something else – I noticed a fire lit in a stone oven through the window of a restaurant. That could only mean one thing: stone-baked pizza!

I checked on the menu, and there it was! We decided to go for our shopping and come back later for our lunch and a little celebration. We, indeed, had our lunch there, sharing a Queen Margherita (no, it’s not vegan… but curiosity prevailed this time), a glass of Prosecco and a slice of cake.

I don’t usually enjoy eating at Italian Restaurants abroad, but this was a good one. We enjoyed our lunch, the place itself – seats were extremely comfortable – and the personnel was super polite and pleasant. Definitely a good place to go!

The name of the reastaurant is Prezzo. Here’s the link to their website:


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