When my parents came to visit us in Ireland, earlier in October, Jeff and I brought them to the Avoca hand weavers in Kilmacanogue. It’s close to home and it’s one of those places where you can buy nice Irish souvenirs differing from the touristy Guinness & Leprechauns gadgets.

My dad immediately fell in love with a yellow sweater, that he bought. After that, almost any time I FaceTimed him, he was wearing it. At the end of November he asked me if I could go back to the shop and buy him another one, just a different color. I did and eventually shipped it to Italy. They received the parcel in 5 days. My dad was very happy. He pointed out that in Italy they don’t do sweaters that warm and thin at the same time. I was just happy that he was happy.

A few days ago, my mom called and asked me if we could go back to the shop again and buy two more sweaters for my dad. Different colors, of course. Today we did… mission accomplished.

s-l300When I FaceTimed them to show my dad the sweaters, he was happy with the colors and asked me if we could add one more thing they saw when they came here to visit: a microwaveable wheat warmer. In Ireland and UK they’re quite common and you can find  them in any pharmacy, even in the shape of soft plush toys for kids. In Italy they’re not so common. It’s one of those gadgets that, once you get used to, it’s hard to do without.

Therefore, tomorrow, we’ll stop at the pharmacy for the add on to the shopping list. I find it cute to go shopping for my parents. I’m used to them sending me parcels with Italian products we can’t find here, but I would never think I would be doing the same for them from Ireland. I guess I should get used to it… 😉

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