Wicklow – the town that gives the name to County Wicklow – is only 20 minutes drive from Bray, and yet we’d never been there. Today, to escape another boring at home, we decided to drive there in spite of the miserable wind and rain. We knew that everything would be closed on the first day of the year; however, we decided to go there with the only purpose of seeing the ruins of Black Castle, one of the Viking’s outposts in the Eastern coast of Ireland.

Black Castle

In 834 the Vikings fortified a strategic rocky promontory at the mouth of the Vartry River in Wicklow town. A castle was subsequently built: Black Castle. Little is known of this fortress, as there is no mention of the Castle in recorded history until 1174, following the Norman invasion. Between 1295 and 1315 the Castle was attacked and burnt down twice by the local O’ Byrne Clan. Its ruins offer a dramatic view over the sea… in a stormy day like this, it’s not difficult to understand the reason for its name.

The pictures, however, don’t really give the idea of what the weather was like. That’s why we have taken this video, risking to be blown away by the wind while we were on top of the rocky promontory. But I would be telling a lie if I said that we didn’t have fun while filming it… Enjoy the video!

Happy 2016 everybody!


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