As I have anticipated in the previous post, our shopping trip to Dublin city center had a purpose. Or better two.

First: I needed a diary for 2016. You might think that’s easily found, but no… not here. All the diaries I have found in the previous week were the shrunk week-a-day type, while – call me picky – I really do need an entire page per day. We found it, eventually, after three attempts in the city center. And it was the last one. Grabbed it. Now I’m happy. 🙂

Second: it’s no mystery that I’m an Elmo fan. Weeks ago we decided that we would have our Elmo by the end of the year, and so it was. We found him in a large toy shop in Jervis street – I didn’t want him ‘talking’, really, but that’s what I found and that’s fine. 😉

Now… you might wonder what’s my thing with Elmo to have one. The truth is that I’ve plans for him. Just stay tuned and keep following us! 🙂


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