Did you know there is a machine that can actually transform filthy, undrinkable water, into clean and drinkable water, no matter what’s the composition of the source liquid?

storageThe creator of this machine is Dean Kamen, better known as ‘the Segway guy.’ The man who invented the popular two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle is, indeed, an inventor that has been devoting his personal time and resources to improve the quality of water in the poorest areas of the world, on the ground that 50% of the people hospitalized in the world are being treated for diseases connected to the poor quality of water. Unfortunately, technology and innovation make something possibile but don’t often translate into a viable solution due to external factors: what has stopped the project so far is the lack of a distribution network for the machine in remote areas – where it would be needed the most.


The fascinating story of Dean Kamen and his machine is now a documentary whose title is ‘Slingshot‘. Not only this is a wonderful insight in the life of a contemporary man of science and technology that is trying to leave a gift to the world, but also a rare good story that deserves a happy end… yet to come.

I truly enjoy watching it, and I highly recommend it to all those who love machines and the complex science behind them. Most of all, it’s the story of a dyslexic child who grew up to be a man capable of changing everybody’s life.

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