No kid should be allowed to grow up without Sesame Street. And yet, believe it or not, in Italy we never had it – I know… I’ve had a sad childhood. We had some of the older Muppets show – I loved it, even if I was quite disturbed by Miss Piggy. The equivalent of Sesame Street was, instead, Italian ‘Bim Bum Bam’ where the only puppet was a cynical pink dog with a hoarse voice. His name was ‘Uan’, the ItalianĀ spelling for English sound ‘one’.

Uan_bim-bum-bamThat was wrong in so many ways…

Hence when I discovered Sesame Street – as an adult – I was totally fascinated. Not only the incredible characters promote positive values and behavior to kids, but they are also sweet and enjoyable. I love them all… Oscar the Grouch, the Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Abby Cadabby (I love her!) and most of all… that little, red, furry ball of love that is Elmo.

Je suis Elmo

Some time ago, I found documentary “Being Elmo” in Netflix and I watched it… twice. The story of this puppet and his puppeteer is incredible and totally inspiring. As he says, Elmo is total love. Elmo just loves you. That’s what Elmo does. And this simple secret is what makes of him the most loved puppet on the planet.


Now, after the Paris terror attacks and the chain of collective hysteria that followed on the social media – French flags, flames, bombs, la Marseillaise, and so on – I didn’t feel like saying “Je suis” anyone at all. This evening, after a long working day, I found myself in need of something good to cheer me up. And I found myself tuning the happiest of songs: “la la la la Elmo’s song”. It might seem weird, but it truly works. Elmo’s song is universal. It’s just happiness.

Therefore, if I have to be someone, I want to be Elmo. If we were like Elmo, our world would be so much better.

Excepts for Jeff, of course… he pretty much hates me when I start with my ‘la la la’… šŸ˜‰

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