Abigail hit us only slightly, but today we’ve had another visit: Barney has arrived and has been sweeping Bray since the early afternoon. The news report that a number of flights have been cancelled at Cork airport and a number of power outages have also been reported (45,000 affected). County Wicklow is among the alerted areas. In Bray, we’ve had gusts of wind up to 84 km per hour. When the wind hit, I was driving on the highway, on my way to pick Jeff up at the office: it was no fun. Our small car was pushed aside from the strong gusts, and then it also started to rain.

To drive back was a real effort. When we left the highway, I drove to the city center for a quick stop at the bank. Here, Jeff took the wheel, so I could take a movie while he was driving. All I can say is that it doesn’t look that bad… but we could feel the car moving even when we were still!

Well… now we are safely home. But I fear that Barney will stay with us all night long.

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