After a boring, rainy day and the following stormy night, this morning Jeff and I decided to go out for a short walk and have a bit of fresh air. Killiney hill is only a ten minutes drive from Bray. from its top you have a wonderful view on the Wicklow Mountains, the waterfront and Dolkey island. The park also includes some funny buildings: a short obelisk and, at a short distance, a small pyramid. For U2 fans: one of the villas of their vocalist Bono Vox is here. 🙂

Killiney Hill

Killiney Hill is the southernmost of the two hills at the southern boundary of Dublin Bay (the other being Dalkey Hill). The hill stands in the former townland of Mount Mapas, or Scalpwilliam, and is linked to the history of local Irish characters. The obelisk top of the Mount Mapas, in facts, was built by John Mapas to celebrate the end of a famine, as a symbol of prosperity. The park offers a number of trails running across the trees and allowing a wonderful view of the surrounding areas. Today, the view was breathtaking: the colors of the sea and the sky after the storm were enchanting.

Dalkey Island

Little I know about the pyramid. You will find more information about Dalkey Island, instead.  Its Irish name means ‘thorny island” and is an uninhabited island, 300 meters off Dalkey village. The entire island and its historical remains – a church and the Martello tower – are well visible from the pyramid on Killiney hill. As the story goes, Dalkey island was inhabited since the Mesolithic and was used as a Viking base. Today, its only inhabitants are a herd of goats, and it is possible to hire a boat to spend the day on it.

Here’s the panorama from the top of the pyramid…

The trails

In spite of being a windy and not so pleasant day to be outdoors, the trails of Killing hill were packed with families and joggers. The area is very pleasant, in facts. And there’s a church just at the entrance of the park, opposite a Tea House where most of the people stop by at the end of the service. It’s the ideal place to let the kids run freely around or walking the dogs. Today, the trails were muddy and slippery, but the surroundings were truly enchanting.

The walk was what we needed before our Sunday lunch…

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