Our vegan favorites: Poco Loco tortillas

If you don’t like wraps and tortillas with a squashy texture, here’s something you might want to try: Poco Loco tortillas are vegan white wheat wraps, smaller than standard tortillas and with a nice texture that won’t tear while you’re filling them.

Wraps for lunch? Yes, please

Wraps are Jeff’s staple diet for lunch at the office. I prepare them in the morning before he leaves for work, trying to vary the filling. Sometimes is vegetable chicken tikka, others, is just a slice of vegan cheese, tofu and veggies with vegan mayonnaise or horseradish. They make a light and easy to eat lunch if your lunch break is short, and also a quick-to-prepare meal.

Poco Loco Tortillas

Poco Loco Tortillas

Poco Loco tortillas

Here are the ingredients: wheat flour, water, palm oil, stabilizers, yeast, salt, dextrose and preservatives.

Ingredients and nutrition facts

Ingredients and nutrition facts

Happy wraps to all!


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