Baked falafel with creamy veggies

Speaking of middle-Eastern food, Jeff and I truly appreciate both its spices and flavors. I don’t often cook falafel for the simple reason that I don’t like deep-frying, but this time I re-arranged the recipe and made it my way, baking the falafels in the oven.

The base

For the falafel base I used the Granose Falafel mix. It is not one of my favorites, but I had a bag left that I wanted to finish. It’s not bad at all, let’s be clear. Just, the content of a bag is 120 grams and with that you can prepare a scarce meal (10 tiny balls or 5 small balls, that will barely make 2 people happy, unless you use falafel as a snack or an entry). The flavor is nice and mild and enhances the herbs inside the mixture, but if you look for something spicy, this is not for you.

To prepare falafel is very easy and quick: all you have to do is to mix the content of a bag with water. Then, you let the mixture rest for 5 minutes, and you shape your balls with some flour on your hands. Normally, you would form some tiny balls to deep-fry in vegetable oil.

Instead of deep-frying, this time I shaped my falafels flat and I coated them in matzo meal. I then put them onto a baking pan covered with a baking foil and baked them for about 15 minutes. This keeps the calories low and your stomach safe.

The veggies

On the side, I cooked some veggies in a creamy sauce (made with vegetable broth, a touch of Indian mild curry and rice flour). Here’s what I’ve used:

And here’s the result… but something is still missing.

Falafel and veggies are (almost) ready!

Falafel and veggies are (almost) ready!

The topping

Last but not least… we have topped our falafel with tahini sauce and traditional hummus.

And here's our dinner! Buon Appetito!

And here’s our dinner! Buon Appetito!

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