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Who are we? We are a cute international family who loves to travel, explore and see the world. The thing that keeps us together is love – and lot of laughs. Here you will find many little stories on our adventures in the many places we visit and the countries we live in.


I was born in northern Italy, with a diverse heritage. My family name is Indian (the mystery of the origin of my family is still unsolved), my mom’s family if from Southern Italy and my dad’s family is from Belgium. I started my career as a journalist for the national press in different cities of Italy (Bergamo, Bari, Rome and Milan) and then continued to expand my knowledge and experience out in the world. In 2010 I moved to Seattle, in 2011 to London, and in 2013 to Dublin. Here I met Jeff and we have been together ever since. In 2014 we adopted our two cats, Sable and Soleil. In January 2016 we moved to Belfast (UK), and we’ve got married. Today we are an awesome International loving family.


I come from the friendly part of America – Canada. I have Russian and Polish ancestors – all of them featuring a ‘shoveling snow’ gene that they forgot to pass me on. When I came to Ireland I was convinced it was a tropical island due to the palm trees growing in the Irish gardens… This should give you an idea of my sense of direction. However, I had to reconsider my belief, in spite of such misleading evidence. Since I’ve left Canada, I’ve lived in Germany, Turkey, Ireland, and now the UK.

I cook wonderful pancakes and lunch wraps for my love. Since I’ve met Simona, I went from being an active promoter of the thesis that American coffee is real coffee to a picky espresso drinker. I’ve been converted!


My name is Sable (/sɑbl/, the French word for ‘Sand’) and I am super handsome: my fur is black as a panther’s, I’m as elegant as James Bond, I have Kevin Kostner’s eyes and the charming stare of Christophe Lambert. Yet, my cuddliness is beyond suspicion. Be aware, human… you can’t but surrender to my majestic cattiness. And I will use all of my super-handsomeness to get the treats out of your pocket. Mom and daddy agree: I’m mommy’s boy. She and I have a special ‘something’ and spend hours together purring and cuddling, even when she’s super-busy. I love daddy, too, but he always tries to kiss my nose as you would do with a small kitten, and after a while it gets really annoying. The only way to cuddle with him it’s when he sleeps.


My name is Soleil (/sɔlɛj/, the French for ‘Sun’) and I’m the little one of the family. I am slim and agile and there is no corner of the house that I cannot climb or jump upon. I’m a sweet, playful cat. I love to ambush my big brother and daddy’s feet under the covers. I can’t resist stealing mommy’s pens and pencils whenever she’s not looking, and then try to hide them in the remotest corners of the house. When she gives me a pencil to play with, I’m overjoyed and I reciprocate with tons of kisses to her nose. 

No matter how mischievous I behave during the day: at night, I wait for mom and daddy to be in bed, and I jump up on their bed, tuck them in and kiss them good night.

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2 thoughts on “About us

  • Jeff, please, coffee is Italian! All the rest is warm colored water!

  • thats not what they are saying at “Starbucks”, “Tim Hortons”, Dunkin Donuts”or “Costa”:) … expresso , is coffee on steroids 🙂 🙂 ….. Saying that coffee is Italian , is like saying that “domino’s pizza”isnt real pizza or that pizza hut , doesnt make real pizza 🙂 🙂 …whats italian , is: 1) spaghetti 2) mario lanza 3) prosecco …. oh! , yes , that building that some engineers couldnt get straight…..whats it called ?? that strange engineering design ?? oh! , yes , something about a tower falling or leaning ??? leaning tower of pisa….. now , go have a good cup of real americano !!!!!

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