Translation is typically the most known aspect of localization. Yet, it is not the only process involved in localising a text. I can deliver texts translated from and to English, French and Italian. The localisation process also involves:

  • Text translation for printed materials and digital media
  • Consideration of differences in dialect, register or variety
  • Formatting of numbers (especially decimal separator and digit grouping)
  • Date and time format, possibly including use of different calendars
  • Different rules in style, capitalisation, punctuation, sorting rules
  • Different conventions applied to paper sizes, telephone number format, postal address format, postal codes, and choice of delivery services, currency (symbols, positions of currency markers, and reasonable amounts due to different inflation history), system of measurement, voltage and current standards…
  • Differences in culture, such as personal name and title conventions, aesthetics, comprehensibility and cultural appropriateness of images and color symbolism, ethnicity, clothing, and socioeconomic status of people and architecture of locations pictured, local customs and conventions, such as social taboos, popular local religions, or superstitions such as blood types in Japanese culture vs. astrological sign in other cultures…