Saturday’s treat: vegan pancakes

If you ask an Italian to think of Canada, three are the clich├ęs immediately crossing his/her mind: salmon fishing, maple trees and pancakes with maple syrup. And what’s better than a Canadian to prepare pancakes in the morning?

Vegan potato pancakes

Yep. This is what I made today from scratch: it’s vegan, it’s not fried, it’s super-easy to make and… tah dah! It’s also delicious!

Polenta pie

Last week my parents sent me a parcel from Italy that included some typical Italian food. Besides ground coffee, olive oil, pickles, pasta (of course!), taralli, spicy sauce and some other delights, there was also a package of polenta. This is a traditional dish of all Northern Italy, cooked in different styles and with different side dishes. This morning I prepared a quick polenta pie for Jeff, a low-calory yet fulfilling dish. Will he like it?