I’m now listed in BooksinItaly.it database!

BooksinItaly.it is an Italian web portal dedicated to literary translation. Now the portal also features a database, aimed to provide translators everywhere with a positive identity as they toil relentlessly to bring Italian books to foreign readers and help them bridge distances. I’m very happy to say that I’m one of them.

A wintery day in Belfast

Sunny Italy is a memory already. Our vacation time was wonderful and necessary before facing the cold season in Ireland. Also, it was the trigger for discussing our new projects for the future months. Nonetheless, before plunging into reality, Jeff and I went for an improvised day trip to Belfast on our last day of holidays.

A Canadian in Italy – Day 7

To round off our short vacation to Italy, today Jeff and I have been at Wet Life, a spa at 5 minutes drive from my parents house. A week has passed and gone, and yes… we really needed this treat (offered by grandma)!